Budget AC Calculator

Essential Information Dexterity Modifier (Without Gloves of Dexterity):
Worst Allowable Armor Check Penalty:
Worst Allowable Arcane Spell Failure Chance:
Maximum Real Weight of Armor and Shield (on a Medium Creature): lbs.

Allowed AC Enhancing Items Include Armors
Armor Modifications Required (Hold Ctrl to Select Multiple):
Additional Plusses Worth of Armor Improvements Required

Include Shields
Shield Modifications Required (Hold Ctrl to Select Multiple):
Additional Plusses Worth of Shield Improvements Required

Include Amulets of Natural Armor
Include Rings of Protection
Include Dexterity Enhancement Items
Include Defending Weapon
Allowed Armor Weights No Weight
Light Armor
Medium Armor
Heavy Armor

OK to have armors of other weights if they have 0 armor check penalty
Allowed Shield Weights No Shield
Light Shields
Heavy Shields`

Shields must be animated
OK to have shields of other weights if they have 0 armor check penalty
Other Requirements Druid Friendly
Allowed Armors
3.0 Armors
Light Armor Bark ArmorAEG
Bondleaf WrapAEG
Bone ArmorAEG
Cord Armor (3.0)AEG
Leather ScaleAEG
Moon-Ivy ArmorAEG
Wicker ArmorAEG
Wood ArmorAEG
Medium Armor Brigandine ArmorAEG
Ring ArmorAEG
Bronze BreastplateAEG
Heavy Armor Coral ArmorAEG
Dendritic ArmorAEG
Dwarven Stone ArmorAEG
3.5 Armors
No Weight Armor Bracers of ArmorDMG
Light Armor Padded ArmorPHB
Leather ArmorPHB
Studded LeatherPHB
Chain ShirtPHB
Hooked ArmorPlH
Cord ArmorStorm
Sharkskin ArmorStorm
Feather CloakSand
Silk SwathesSand
Nightscale ArmorUnder
Chitine WebUnder
Medium Armor HidePHB
Scale MailPHB
Siege Beetle ChitinMM V
Shell ArmorStorm
Chitin ArmorStorm
Living CoralStorm
Tentacled Hide ArmorUnder
Heavy Armor Splint MailPHB
Banded MailPHB
Half PlatePHB
Full PlatePHB
Stone PlateRoS
Heavy PlateRoS
Mechanus GearPlH
Sectioned ArmorPlH
Thaluud Stone ArmorAnau
Feeler PlateUnder
Heavy Plate (Underdark)Under
3.5 Exotic Armors Gnome Twist ClothRoS
Mammoth LeatherRoS
Interlocking ScaleRoS
Tumbler's BreastplateRoS
Interlocking PlateRoS
Battle PlateRoS
Mountain PlateRoS
Spidersilk ArmorUnder
3.5 Specific Armors Celestial ArmorDMG
Millenium ChainmailMIC
Psychoactive Skin of Ectoplasmic ArmorMIC
Allowed Shields
3.0 Shields Beetle BucklerAEG
Stiletto ShieldAEG
3.5 Shields BucklerPHB
Light Wooden ShieldPHB
Light Steel ShieldPHB
Heavy Wooden ShieldPHB
Heavy Steel ShieldPHB

3.5 Exotic Shields Gnome Battle CloakRoS
Extreme Wooden ShieldRoS
Extreme Steel ShieldRoS
Gauntlet ShieldRoS
Rider's ShieldRoS
Allowed Modifiers
3.0 Modifiers Blended QuartzAEG
Elven DarkleafAEG
Elven LeafweaveAEG
3.5 Modifiers
Improvements MasterworkPHB

+1 EnhancementDMG
+2 EnhancementDMG
+3 EnhancementDMG
+4 EnhancementDMG
+5 EnhancementDMG

Special Materials DarkwoodDMG
Blue IceFrost
Shadow SilkToM
Item Templates FeycraftDMG II
GithcraftDMG II
Miscellaneous ThistledownRotW

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Under: Underdark (3.5)